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GVOTW 7-02-13

Rory's Highlight of the Year • Washing Machines • The King Around the World • Melding Deen and Woods • Candid Prank • The Bird not the Birdie • The Middle Finger Tradition


GVOTW looks at: Rory's highlight of the year versus the funny robot; other famous washing machines; when wise-apple machines meet man; Conan melds Deen and Woods; Candid prank with a twist; Arnold really is the King; D.H. Lee and the tradition of the middle finger; Roger Cleveland and Cher; and ... mmmm ... open faced club sandwedge.


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GVOTW 6-25-13

Late Night Golf Rounds With Letterman and Fallon • Best New Golf Carts • Kid Happy Gilmore • Stroud's Chip-In but Duke Wins • Emotion and Petulance on the Course • Hoffman Pick His Spot • What's in a Name • Great Montage


GVOTW looks at: Rose on Letterman; Seinfeld on golf; Stroud's chip-in; Emotion versus petulance; chucking and bending clubs; the best new golf cart; what's in a name Bubba?; little Happy Gilmore; do blondes have more fun?; and a great sports montage


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GVOTW 6-18-13

Do Golfers Dream of Hockey? • Tiger's new ad and the parody • USGA gets it right • Speed Golf • More amazing than a hole-in-one • Johnny being Johnny • Kid raps about golf • What if hazards were filled with mercury? • The baddest motherf**ker and golf lessons


GVOTW looks at: Tiger's latest ad and whether golfers aspire to play hockey; a parody of Tiger's ad; USGA's good spots on speeding things up; speed golf with Christopher Smith; avoiding the dangers of white rapping; the most amaxing shot of the U.S. Open; Johnny needles Hogan's one iron; Samuel L. Jackson as the older uncle. 


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GVOTW 6-11-13

U.S. OPEN EDITION: 40th Anniversary of Johnny Miller's 63 • Miller channeling Trevino and Hogan • Jack's One Iron • Memorable moments from the last 5 U.S. Opens


GVOTW looks at: the U.S. Open and Merion and Johnny Miller showing Trevino's move (71 winner at Merion); Miller breaking down the most famous photo in golf of Hogan's 1 iron; Nicklaus' one iron of U.S. Open fame; moments from the last 5 U.S. Opens and the most memorable putt in the past decade


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GVOTW 6-4-13

Life Finds A Way Onto Untended Golf Course • Hitting the Cart at the Range • Amazing Old Arcade Golf Game • Goofy Golf • Fred Flintstone at the US Open • US Open Appetizer


GVOTW looks at: the dangerous consequences of wildlife and abandoned golf courses; what course it that?; immaturity at the pro-level; hitting the range cart; arcade golf from Little Pro to Golden Tee; Goofy and the giant Mouse play golf; Yabbadabbadoo; and the U.S. Open teaser.


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GVOTW 5-28-13

Romain Bechu Sets The Trick Shot Bar • More Lumpy and Chance Manning • Stuart is an Earnest Guy • Long Putters and Fried Chicken From The Taiwanese Animators • Pratfall and The Rules to Video • No Jackets Except The Green Jacket • Why We Love Jack


GVOTW looks at: Romain Bechu's trick shots outshine the entire Nike Staff; comparisons to double-swing bat guy; Ask Lumpy returns in a video with uber-instructor Chance Manning; Ernest Stuart and mini-golf tips; Taiwanese animation of the anchoring ban and the Chinese facination with fried chicken; golf swing wipe-out and how to take video; why there should be no jacket but the green jacket and the Stanley Cup; and Jack and the Memorial.


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GVOTW 5-21-13

USGA/R&A Ban Anchoring and The Slow Clap  • More on Tiger Versus Sergio • Anti Sergio: The Charming Spaniard • Foxy Knee-Highs • Nature Calls on Golf  • Flintstones and Golf History • All Hail Golf • Odds on the Office Putt • Touching Story


GVOTW looks at: the USGA/R&A anchoring ban and summary of the 40 page legal memo; Tiger and Sergio is good for golf; wildlife and golf; more nature imposing on golf and bad puns; big jaws on the course; how much would you bet on the crazy office putt; and a nice story from L.A.


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GVOTW 5-14-13

Conspiracy Theorists Unite  • Satellite Shots of Sawgrass and Tiger's drop on 14  • Tiger vs Sergio • Westwood Whiff • Ben Crane Forcibly Removed • Real Madrid Golf • Maybe Some Wofford Golf • Best Cover Song in the Solar System  


GVOTW looks at: The Zapruder film on Tiger's drop on 14; Satellite comparisons; Is there a quid pro quo with professionals; Sergio and Tiger dust-up; Westwood whiffs; Official removes Ben Crane impersonator; PLAYERS vs. Majors on engraving; Wofford's Call; and a shout out to Major Tom (not Watson).


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GVOTW 5-07-13

Fred Couples's HOF Speech  • Golf and the Business World  • The Short Game Trailer: 7-Year Old World Championships • The Saucer Pass chip and More Rules Controversy • Sergio Solves Quail Hollow's Bumpy Greens • Warm up for the PLAYERS Championship


GVOTW looks at: Freddie's HOF Speech Induces Tears; Poor Monty; Keeping you foot in the door of the business world with golf; The Short Game documentary trailer and cute 7-year olds; the background and demise of the saucer pass in golf; Sergio chips in a 5-footer on the Quail Hollow greens; and it's island time at the Players!


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GVOTW 4-30-13

375 Yard Par 3  • Alligator and Chubbs Revenge  • Nature Commentary versus Golf Commntary • The Best Swing Aid Device Ever • The 500 Yard Drive • Top 10 Hole Outs and Speaking of Winning Shots ....


GVOTW looks at: Joe Miller GIR on a 375 Yard Par 3; Could you outrun a 3-legged gator; Pat Summerall and the majesty of nature commentary versus chatty golf commentary; the underappreciated and best swing aid device ever from Tim Herron's coach and realtor; Top 10 hole-outs for the win and the 20th anniversary of a great call.


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GVOTW 4-23-13

Rory is No Tiger Rival  • Golf Trick Shots  • A Life and Death Hole-In-One • More Blamce for Nike Irons • A Victory for All McDowells • Bag Analysis ... for One Billion Dollars • The U.S. Open is coming


GVOTW looks at: Rory's new Nike ad; Tiger's original hits and misses; Golf trick shots; a lucky and a life & death hole-in-one; Woziacki struggles with Nike irons; McDowell's clubs for one billion dollars; and an early taster of the U.S. Open!


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GVOTW 4-16-13

Master Redux  • Skip Shots at 16  • Golf Satisfaction • Curb Your Enthusiasm for Bad Weather Forecasts • National Golf Day • Golf in Russia • Cool Golf Video Angles and A Bit More Rapping


GVOTW looks at: the Masters and Rickie Fowler's 16th hole skip-shot; links to the Tiger drop and Ruling Committee comments; Keith Richards on golf; Larry David's theory on golf forecasts; National Golf (Lobby) Day; Russian golfers and another reason to ban the long putter; and cool golf video with a bit more on rapping.


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GVOTW 4-09-13 (Masters Edition)

Master Edition!  • The Last 10 Years  • Crescendo of Excitement


GVOTW looks at: the Masters since the course changes 10 years ago; the other shots that could have been part of history; 15 Anniversary of Couples' 3-Iron; 9th Anniversary of Canadian Champions Dinner!


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GVOTW 4-02-13

Dufnering and Shaking • Amazing Slo-Mo Swings and Comparisons • Phil Again and Backwards • Mile High Club? and Team Sponsored Golf • Underwear Golf and Stripping Down 


GVOTW looks at: a look at Dufnering and Mixed internet memes; PGA Tour puts up some great slo-motion swings and we make some comparisons; Phil flops and then backtracks; Southwest sponsors golf; Golfers strips down to the skin; Three's Company


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GVOTW 3-26-13

Video Golf Test • Age of Action Stars • Winter Golf • Groin Shots & Head Trauma • Sergio's Most Famous Tree Shot? • Bay Hill Weather • Spring, Ice Cream and Masters Teaser


GVOTW looks at: a video to test your golf persona; Tiger, Arnie and Lee's action trailer and why it could work as a feature; snow golf and what music makes YouTube videos work; head and groin trauma in the ultimate golf disaster compilations; Sergio first or second most famous tree shot; and spring is in the air with love, ice cream and the Masters


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GVOTW 3-19-13

Nine-Putt Obituary • Bay Hill Highlights • More on Beer, Golf & Civilization • Vijay's Poker Face • Masters Teasers and Anniversaries


GVOTW looks at: Tosh.0 mocks the Nine-Putt; Bay Hill highlights from teh past and uncovers more coincidental bad luck for Greg Norman; more beer related videos and the other exception to the end of paper; Vijay's silence and why it is bad and possibly a tell; and more teasers for the upcoming Masters featuring Mike Weir's 10th anniversary and Sandy Lyle's 25th.


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GVOTW 3-12-13

03.12.13: Jordan Dunks It • Tiger in a Tree • Night Golf • The Worst Part About Rory's WD • Young Rory • Whetting The Masters Appetite


GVOTW looks at: Spieth's hole in one and what made it sad and what will make it un-sad; Tiger's shot in the tree at Doral; night golf with glowing balls and what make Ben Crane a good guy; Phil off the cart path in an impromtu playing lesson; the televised talking heads train wreck after Rory's withdrawl from Honda; Rory as a kid by the BBC and an awkward hug from Tiger; and an amuse bouche for The Masters

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GVOTW 3-05-13

03.05.13: 03-05-13: VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Golf Boys • Bad Lesson • Likeable Tiger • Cute Kid • Pun • Non-Golf Hole-in-One


GVOTW takes a look at: the Golf Boys video 2.Oh and the original along with the dangers of rapping; the Golf Boys results after releasing the original (good!);  the hypnotic and worst lesson ever; a likeable Tiger from the 90s; a cute kid with a great finish; a bad pun; and a non-golf hole-in-one of the year.

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We also have a random selection of some of our favourite recent videos before the inception of the GVOTW.

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