TheTeeSheet loves food as much as golf and there are certain foods out there that go with golf. On occassion, we will make the best recreations or variations possible of golf themed food. Come back often and come hungry.


The Philly Cheesesteak


The U.S. Open is heading back to Philadelphia and the Merion Golf Club. When it comes to this town, only the Philly Cheesesteak leaps to mind with its cheesy, beefy goodness. We research the history and the crucial elements to this Philly classic and perform the most comprehensive tests of all the variations -- including some new twists. We learn a little about what makes a great sandwich on the way and arrive at a winner.


It's easy and we show you how step by step to make these amazing sandwiches at home to get you in the Philly and U.S. Open spirit. 

THE ARNOLD PALMER (from scratch)

The great thing about an Arnold Palmer is that is is almost as easy to make from scratch as is it to from the artificial powdered junk. Check out the easy recipe and a link to a great mini-documentary on the history of the best drink in golf. All you need to know how to do is boil water.



If you can't be in Augusta, there's no better way for any golf fan to enjoy the Masters on television than with some pimento cheese sandwiches. No comfort food is more synonymous with the Masters than this classic and simple sandwich. We try out a bunch of recipes and crown a winner (and a runner up ... or let's say a winner of the par 3 contest).