Golf, Golfers, Google Instant Search and The Human Condition


We just had to copy the oft-done but fun Google searches. We saw it most recently in a funny bit by the Sports Pickle for the NHL season preview.


To be clear, the Google Instant search results are more a mirror to the public than the topic itself. We couldn't simply put "is" after every golfer because it typically comes back as "douche", "jerk", "asshole" etc. That's just the price of being famous -- whether  you are Tiger Woods, John Mayer or Mother Theresa (although in the latter's case, Google Instant may not add "is dating").


One way or another, the result can be entertaining.


As we mentioned, this one is standard for most celebrities (aside from the "asian" result -- which oddly does not come up for Ian Poultor or KJ Choi).


Here's evidence Jason Dufner is having an impact.


Dufner himself has an odd one.


People also love the look-alikes.


Phil has Hugh Grant which may be a stretch -- but at least he's considered handsome. Rory, Carrot Top is no compliment.



I admit I looked up the Jack Nicklaus fiver. Also, you know you're on the back nine when Google is filling in questions as to whether you are alive. 


Although, maybe it's worse if you're playing and people don't even know it.



Proof of ESPN's reach I suppose.


Next, I'll assume it's a tramp stamp.


Now, what about golf in general?


The Carolinas have got to be pissed about the last one. Israel?


With all due respect to Herbert Warren Wind and John Feinstein, golf and literature don't often intersect .. except maybe on the Google servers:


Ask Henrik Stenson about the first one.


Next, never let it be said Tiger is not having an impact on the African American involvment in golf ... wait ...


I like a four-layer with urethane cover when it comes to golf, but I have never been this curious about my own anatomy.


How small is this boat?


Clearly this speaks of the level to which political discourse has sunk.


There is a solution: this whole government shut-down and gridlocked Washington D.C. could be resolved if caddies simply started paying taxes.


Here's to an exciting finish to the President's Cup this weekend.




Douglas Han