Golf Videos Of The Week (9/4)




Couple videos you need to check out from last weekend's tournament. First, the sweet bunker shot to salt-away the win by Henrik Stenson. One of the best players this year at the majors is now one of the favorites for the FedEx cash grab.


Of course in a virtual tie with Stenson in FedEx Cup playhoff points is Tiger Woods, who can still make news simply by how he dresses his daughter.


Also making ths rounds is this little flub by local news reported. This may not exactly be what Deutsche Bank has in mind when it shells out millions of dollars in sponsorship money. 


Anyone can have a bad day or a slip of the tongue. In the day of the YouTube, any little slip can make you famous. We all wait with eager anticipation as to how this guy reports on the Canadian Tour's Jiffy-Lube Crocs Volvo Regina Open next year.


This guy was probably safe with the Cox Classic on the Tour, because you can't really get into trouble with homonyms .. well, maybe there is one way.




The Finnish Flash and sure-fire Hockey Hall of Famer Teemu Selanne announced his return for one more year of hockey for the Anaheim Ducks with this great video from the golf course.


With Selanne's coordination, he is probably a decent player (you can tell he actually has a pretty good turn on the ball) so this chunk into the water was an impressive effort. Also notable was that Selanne was walking. Maybe he still avoids all kinds of driving after that $40,000 speeding ticket years back (Finland ties speeding tickets to income).





A grouchy older gentlemen wresting with a skinny teenager can make the local news. Let's assume and hope for no further punishment for anyone involved ... the embarrassment is enough. They looked more like two kittens wrestling over some yarn then people actually fighting.


On the other hand, this is an example of a real dispute being settled on the tee box [NSFW language]:


Well ... at least he said he didn't want to knock the guy out (nor do we have a super slo-mo of the hittee's face from Fox Sports 1). There seems to be some back-story suggesting the guy in white getting knocked out did something inappropriate. In this case, perhaps Dickie Fowler P.I. could help get to the bottom of the story.


While these are just PR videos for an insurance company, they've done a pretty good job because we've seen plenty of failed or middling efforts (Fowler's own efforts with Red Bull are generally lame while his ESPN SportCenter ad was fantastic).


Here is part 2 of Dickie Fowler.


There next guys needed a bit more of the subtlety (if that's possible) and comedic pace of the Dickie Fowler guys.





This is a pretty good effort by some guys at Dude Perfect. The same guys did a decent video for pickup basketball stereotypes too. I can't be the only one who thinks the one dude looks like Steve Carell's brother.


Good but there is just a little magic missing from what is a great idea. It's hard to be critical of such a big effort and good idea ... but a little more writing and less mugging for the camera may have been the way to go.





Douglas Han



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