No Kittens or Gangnam Style Parodies - But Still Cute


Tiger tees off today at Torrey Pines where he has won an astounding seven times (six times when it was called the Buick Invitational and of course the incredible 2008 US Open over Roco Mediate). To get a feel for the scope of that number of wins, Tiger has more wins at Torrey Pines than Rory McIlroy's current career PGA Tour win total. 


McIlroy is still young to maybe a better measure would be to consider that total beside a guy like Bo Van Pelt. Van Pelt turned professional a couple of years after Tiger and has actually played 26 more PGA Tour events than Tiger since that time. He's a solid player currently ranked 24th in the world and has career earnings of about $18 million. Van Pelt as one (1) career PGA Tour win. 


Or to put in another way, for young guns like Luke Guthrie and Patrick Cantlay, Tiger had won at Torrey Pines twice before they got to high school ... and then went on to win every year they would have been in high school (when he won four Buick Invitationals in a row between 2005 and 2008). As mentioned above, he also won the US Open in 2008 as a little bonus. 





Via's Hot Clicks comes a 17-month old infant that likes to hit golf balls. We've all likely seen plenty of child prodigy YouTube videos (none more heartwarming that Kyle Lagrasso) and this kid below will probably never be a professional golfer; but it only caught my eye because I just want him in my or the foursome in front of me. The kid plays fast!



Of course it is pretty hard to match Tiger at age 2 hitting actual golf balls with real clubs on the Mike Douglas Show.



Okay, maybe being a new dad is getting to me but who can resist one more. Here's a cute kid with dead-eye aim at the driving range cart. This had to be one take unlike all those guys that do the ridiculous long-range basketball shots).



One way or another, this is more fun that Phil's taxes.



Douglas Han