Too Late For This Year's Academy Awards



Well, they are not on exactly Day-Lewis and Streep, so it is not fair to criticize the somewhat unnatural acting chops of the best two golfers in the world. After all, whenever anyone thinks of stiff acting by golfers, the wooden scale was surely set by Craig Stadler in Tin Cup. The "No Cup is Safe" premise is strained at best. Tiger and Rory come in safely inoffensive -- let's give them 6/10 Belt Buckle Notches on the Stadler Wooden Acting Scale.



As a friend pointed out to me, this commercial is a remake. Clearly it knocks off the Jordan-Bird McDonalds' commercial, athough at least that ad started with semi-realistic shots. In hidsight, the highlight has to be Jordan's MC-Hammer-entourage inspired outfit.



If anything, Nike, Rory and Tiger were late to this remake because McDonalds's themselves remade this commercial a couple years back.


To state the obvious, this is the highest profile addition to Nike Golf since Tiger - who first started using Nike clubs towards the end of 2002. At the time, Nike had David Duval in the stable (on the spiral down although we didn't know it for sure at the time). Let's hope this 1-2 rivalry goes better than that one.


For all Duval's struggles, at least he can say he was the better actor.


Douglas Han