Wednesday Shotgun



Dustin Johnson cruised to victory with his driver leading the way an the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. DJ is the king of the 54 hole tournaments having one  the 54-hole Barclays in 2011 and the 54-hole AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble in 2009. Hell, if the 2010 US Open were 54 holes, he'd have a Major by now.


We expect a huge year from DJ this year. It's hard not to like this guy after the class he showed in handling the two-stroke penalty on the last hole of the PGA in Whistling Straights.


DJ may have had some pep in his step as rumours are linking him to Paulina Gretzky. Now Paulina Gretzky is mostly famous for being the daughter of Wayne Gretzky and bringing more awareness to Instagram for middle-aged men than all hipster foodies taking pictures of their dinner combined. In the high-stakes gin card world, she is know as the girlfirend of Jeffrey Willis. Sadly, it appears the club where The Flamingo Kid was filmed was recently destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.


If Canada were a hotel chain, she would be Paris Hilton, eh. To give you an idea how important Wayne still is for Canadians, the country's leading and relatively conservative newspaper, The Globe and Mail, felt the need to write a TMZ-worthy and bizarrely bitchy piece about whether she deserved to be on the cover of one of Canada's fashion magazines (gasp!). Keep in mind, Flare magazine does not typically feature Hilary Clinton or Angela Merkel. Over the past year, its other cover girls included several fashion models, a cast member from Glee and Nicole Ritchie. But the Gretzky name is so important in Canada, the national newpaper speaks up because Ms. Gretzky is on the cover.


With Mike Weir and Stephen Ames barely registering these days and the country likely a few years away from its young guns competing, Canada may have a new adopted son in DJ.


Wayne himself can always talk about the 100 he shot on the US Open set-up course at Pebble Beach in the Golf Digest/US Open Challenge in 2010 -- which was only 18 shots worse than DJ's 82 on the final day that year. 


No need to worry about too much attention DJ, the NHL Lockout ended this week and the Canadian media now has its hands full.


[For the record, I'm a Canadian living in my adopted country the United States and consider myself a fan of DJ, Wayne, The Flamingo Kid and Instagram -- so you can put me on the it's-cool-with-me side. Keep in mind Tiger played his best when he wasn't completely focused on golf. Now that we mention it, look at the Flare cover and try NOT to be reminded of Rachel Uchitel]



Well, it is not exactly the same as examining and comparing Ben Hogan's grip, but Annika is reported to have cut her finger while cutting chicken while skiing in Lake Tahoe last week by Steve DiMeglio in USA Today. That looks a lot more like lopping off the tip.


[click to expand ... if you like]

Annika is obviously tough because she indicated she went skiing the next day.


She's obviously a good sport. Imagine the conversation where Annika's husdand tries to convince her to pose for the photo of her finger.


Now try to imagine Ben Hogan tweeting. 





As further proof that Johnny is not just out to criticize guys (considering the mini-spat with Ian Poulter). This video via Kyle Porter's excellent Eye on Golf on of Bill Haas kicking his bag and Johnny saying "I don't blame him."

Sheesh Bill, it was like that bag told you to go get your shine box. I agree with Johnny and say kudos to Bill for showing some emotion. As I always say, it is better if we have more of this.


Douglas Han