Tuesday Shotgun

Year End Countdowns


Everyone out there is giving you shots, plays and stories of the year in for their year end columns. We have no designs here or trying to add to the saturated market.


In fact, we don't believe in countdowns of any kind:


We Have One Award: GIF of the Year


If you didn't know, GIF was awarded Word of the Year by the Oxford American Dictionaries. GIFs (graphic interchange format) of course are those slightly jerky animated pictures you see all the time on the web. It turns out one of the best of the year comes from the Masters.


First some background. Who doesn't love the classic missed handshake caught on tape - or maybe you just didn't know what you were missing. There is actually an entire industry of making clips when it comes to missed high-fives in the NBA. Although golfers like Crane, Na or Furyk have nutty pre-shot routines, there is the NBA free-throw shooter that even low-fives for a technical when no one is there.


It all happened in the Butler Cabin after Bubba won the Masters. You can't blame Bubba because Billy dropped his hand ... and then had to grab air.  Via SB Nation, TheTeeSheet's GIF of the year:


Mayan Apocalypse or Global Warming - Let's Tee it Up


Winter approaches in the northeast but a friend emailed me the forecast for Friday to  maybe sneak out for a round of golf.


[He's Canadian and it is in French and in Celsius, but you get the idea]
[He's Canadian and it is in French and in Celsius, but you get the idea]


If Only They Made A Display for Used Gloves


More bad golf gift ideas from a funny slide show of stupid presents from John Strege at Golf Digest. Among the lame is the golf pencil display unit from golfcircuit.com. You are not any less of a hoarder of garbage just because you are organized and dipslay it. Stick with the ProV1s.



How to Ruin a Round of Golf


It doesn't seem wrong to play the US Open on an actual golf course and not a museum. Yet it seems Merion is requiring its members to carry around little mats to hit off of so that you don't make divots leading up to the US Open, as reported by Joe Logan at myphillygolf.com.


It seems the desire to have perfectly flawless courses is getting a bit out of control. We'll give a pass to Augusta National because the entire tournament and existance is based on some weird enjoyable dreamy state of perfection. After that, I'm happy to see golf played on courses on which people actually play golf. Is it worth that much to members of the private Merion to have the course look like no one plays on it or as if it was a computer animation? Hell, if I were a member, I would want to make a divot on the 18th fairway just so I could point it out on TV while Tiger is lining up his approach shot. Once you get to the point of having to hit off mats in the fairway of your own course, is hosting the US Open worth it for a member who likes to golf? It seems once marketing and appearance surpasses actual golf, you've gone over the cliff.



The Other Way


Of course, the other way to ruin a round of golf is to take 6 hours playing it. The Armchair Golfer hits it on the button with this post. TheTeeSheet is a big proponent of finding ways and creating versions of golf in the 2 hour range.



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