Monday Roundup


Spieth Turns Pro


Okay, he's not yet a household name but Jordan Spieth won multiple USGA Junior Amateur titles (2009, 2011). The only other guy to win more than one of these title is Tiger Woods (1991 - 93). Sean Martin in Golfweek has a good article on why we may see more amateurs turn pro in December because of the new Q-School rules.


Seems like a good plan for Spieth and no one should have any sympathy for the NCAA in any circumstances.


Never Mind Waltz, Try for Swing Tempo Using Twin-Lead Heavy Metal Guitar


Sure we know about Justin Timberlake, Kenny G, Celine Dion, Alice Cooper and even Snoop Dogg (he goes with Snoop Lion now) hitting the links, but it turns out recently retired guitarist for Judas Priest is such a golf fan, he built his own course. Matt Cooper has a fun article in If you think there should be a little pun here, you've got another thing coming.


Oakley Unhappy with Apparel Deal
Oakley Unhappy with Apparel Deal

Oakley Cries Foul and Sues Rory


Legal eagle Lester Munson at is reporting that Oakley is suing Rory McIlroy for breach of his deal with Oakley. Munson reports Oakley claims it had a right of first refusal and could match the apparel portion of the Nike deal.


After reading the details, it seems more likely Oakley just want to get paid for some expenses it incurred and maybe a little extra cash for being slighted. There does not seem to be a scenario where Oakley dresses (and puts unglasses on) a disgruntled Rory nor does it seems likely Oakley puts its glasses on Rory while he is head-to-toe in Nike gear (although possible).


Meanwhile, we all are interested in the real story to be written about Rory going to Nike - what will be the effect of his change in equipment and  ball?


In an unrelated matter, the Toronto Raptors circa 1998 may have had the worst uniforms in NBA history.


Douglas Han