Friday Shotgun

Shark Weak


Greg Norman seems to think that Rory has a better chance at beating Jack's record of 18 Majors than Tiger. While it has become obvious over the years that Norman simply likes to be a contrarian - this is just dumb even for him. McIlroy has two Majors so far. This means he needs seventeen more to break Jack's record. Thus, he needs to average two Majors a year for the next nine (!) years.  To be conservative, let's say he only average three Major wins every couple of years: it would still take him 12 more seasons to break Jack's record. 

It's not impossible but just not realistic. Can you picture a scenario where Rory keeps winning one or two majors a year until 2024? (By the way, that's so far in the future it is when us normal golfers need to give up our wedges with the deep grooves). Anyway, this kind of math just shows us the magnitude of Jack's and Tiger's accomplishments in Majors. Never mind Jack, I say the odds are that no one will break Tiger's number of Major wins, even if he never wins another.



If There is One Thing the Wife Hates More Than Swing Tips


Hitting your wife in the face with a golf ball is worse. Skier Bode Miller hit his wife with a drive - which does beg the question where was she standing? A decent guess may be the forward tees. She's such a good sport she even posted a pic on instsgram. Thanks?


Bode Miller's wife Morgan after being hit with golf ball

[small here for the squeamish but click if you want to see the full gory detail ... well, she posted this herself]


But She Seemed So Down-to-Earth for a Model Nanny


Elin Nordegren made the headlines twice this week, Looks like her new house is almost done (it is a titch bigger than a modest bungalow at 21,000 square feet) but even with digs like that, she had to drop Tiger's name to get into a club last weekend. Not to support age-ism or hot-ism, but Nordegren may be seeing the reality of the future when it comes to nightclubs at the ripe old age of 32. Consider Leslie Mann was only around 35 when she filmed this classic from Knocked Up:


I guess it is true what Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote in The Atlanticwomen just can't have it all.



What About Golf Inspires Novelty Gifts?


Troy Vayanos has an amusing and true bit about golf gifts on This one if unique because of instead of advice and all those "top ten" lists of gifts, Vayanos tells you what not to buy.


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