Thursday Roundup

The big news of the day was the naming of Tom Watson as US Ryder Cup captain for 2014. This is great news for the sole reason that Watson always has something to say. At least we won't hear the same old boring quotes leading up to and during the Ryder Cup. If we can get Monty in there for the Euros, we'd be in for some fun off the course as well.


There are all kinds of columns out there on the Watson choice. They can all summarized with people writing versions of: (a) US needed a change from typical recent type of captain because they keep losing; (b) Watson is a good choice because he won so much in Scotland; (c) Watson speaks his mind which is good; and (d) poor Larry Nelson. Here's a good summary from Steve DeMeglia at USA Today - which most importantly contains quotes from Tiger. Rex Hoggard over ay does make the interesting note that there is little upside for Watson


No one really addresses the real question: does it matter who is the captain? Isn't it just the players - especially in an individual sport like golf. Would the chances for the US change dramatically if you, me, Mark Messier, Erik Spoelstra, Joe Madden or John Madden captained the team? The players have to make those putts.


Douglas Han