Wednesday Shotgun

There is something funny about having a giant motion-activated roboric T-Rex between the 9th and 10th holes of a golf course. It makes it funnier that it is on the actual course where the Australian PGA Championship is played. Sadly, the Australian PGA is moving in part because of this. We tried but the T-Rex is too new to be on any of the satellite maps out there. We'll keep an eye in the sky because the stories sas the owner want to add even more dinosaurs.


Maybe it is a bit out there, but are you saying this would not be a fine addition to Amen Corner?

Here is McIlroy's girlfirend Wozniacki doing a Serena impression. There's some silly talk of it being racist but that seems dumb and doesn't seem to warrant any discussion. What is sad is that golf     swings are becoming too uniform to warrant imitations. 

Who doesn't like golf impressions - from Arnold to Happy Gilmore. Johnny Miller does a bunch of impressions of great players on - not for comedic purposes but to learn from. Here's a great one about Tom Watson and in awesome Johhny style, he manages to throw in a little dig by saying that "almost every bad swing [that is successful on the Tour] pauses at the top". Brings back memories of one of my favorite quotes when Johnny compared Angel Cabrera's swing to a club-pro ... while the guy was winning the US Open. We just like Miller here and we promise TheTeeSheet is not interested in showing swing tips.


Make it a Daly Double


John Daly enters into the drink market in what appears to be alcohol based variations of an Arnold Palmer. Here is TheTeeSheet's version of the best Arnold Palmer you'll ever have. One problem with this product is that the Arnold Palmer doesn't needs the booze. The point of the AP is that it is cool (both meanings) and refreshing without the booze. A person can can order one at the clubhouse if you don't want to drink but can still be not be picked on by the rest of the foursome. Often, the guy drinking the watered down light beer will look at your AP with envy. If you really want some alcohol, you wouldn't choose a poor version of an AP but just have a beer or a G&T. Anyway, like any self-respecting golfer that dirnks, you should already be buzzed from the bloody marys and beers from the cart before you hit the clubhouse anyway.



Mostly, this is a cynical appraoch for a guy who used to drink too much alcohol (Jack Daniels was a favourite) and then swore off of it in favor of diet Coke. It feels a bit like avid golfer and former crack addict Lawrence Taylor promoting a cleaner safer coke. It feels disingenuous

Ultimately, this product will fall somewhere on the failure chart between Nelly's Pimpjoice and Sly Stallone's pudding.


Aside from the corny "Grip It and Sip It", the main reason this product is bound to fail is because the options all appear to be horrible: sweet, peach and raspberry. These are all abominations of real iced-tea.


Johnny Golf Eye on Golf dug up this nugget: Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manzeil is a good golfer and comes from an avid golfing family. It didn't seem possible to like this guy even more. Anyway, it now makes it tempting to strike the Heisman pose after sinking a pterodactyl.