The Tuesday Roundup

Old Course Changes

Via GlobalGolfPost's News & Notes, there is a link to an interesting article in The Scotsman about the R&A's view to the controversial changes to the Old Course. The article contains the criticism and a decent description of the changed holes as well as esclusive comments from Peter Dawson of the R&A.


The Donald

Maybe more interesting is the article in today's Scotsman that Bill Elliot, the Editor of the UK's Golf Monthly, is calling for a boycott of Donald Trump's new Scottish course - not because of the course (which he believes to be seriously "brilliant") but because of the apparent nastiness of the Trump organization to the locals. Who knows who's right but either way, The Donald never fails to disappoint.


Golf in the Hermit Kingdom


Speaking of dictarors with bad hair, there was a really great piece last week on SI's about playing in the North Korean DPRK Amateur Open. The graphic accompanying the article and a first glance raised concerns it would be a hipster look-how-quirky-it-is type article. Instead, Josh Sens hits the right tone in outlining the sadness of the brainwshed and poverty stricken situation in North Korea with the weird backdrop of this 'tournament.' It's worth a read and there are genuinely amusing moments in the piece. It's a recommend by TheTeeSheet.


Nicklaus and Getting Kids into Golf (SNAG)


John Paul Newport has an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about Jack Nicklaus and somethign called SNAG Golf which incourages kids golf. This definitely looks promising. While it appears SNAGgolf has been around for a while, a boost from Jack has got to help. Like Medicare and Social Security, the aging demographic is one of the biggest issues for the ongoing financial health of golf. Land and labour ain't getting cheaper. Anyway, check out SNAG - it looks great.


Being able to play golf fast applies not only to the current aging demographic but for younger people with shorter attention spans, women and kids. We should be trying to get golf into a 2 hour window - or at least have that a viable option. Courses need to work a situaiton wher you can play six to nine holes and you have to play fast. The time commitment is one of the real challenges to golf. Golf is a huge hurdle if it is an entire day event. I love the full 18 but there has to be an option for 2 hours.


Douglas Han