Please Tell Me This is Coming to Tour Events

Many sports fan have now seen this - one of the worst half-court shots in the history of promotions. Notwithstanding this particular disaster (well, we are talking about it), let's bring this kind of promotion to Tour golf events. This would be a great additional promotion at the 16th in Scottsdale or maybe even the 17th island green at the PLAYERS. Easy rules: you can't be a pro and you have to be a golfer (under and 18 handicap or whatever). You get the contestant, warm him or her up at the range for 10 minutes and then drive them out to the par 3 with the promotion with the Sunday crowd and national television watching. Hit the green: win a few bucks. Make a par: win a car! Make a hole-in-one: $2 million!

Imgine this pretty well known scene below ... but with more than 20,000 well-lubricated fanatics and fellow hackers cheering a guy or gal on around the 16th at TPC Scottsdale. I don't mean former millionaire superstar hockey players winning, but your regular weekend warrior. A competition like this would be a mini-version of that NBC/Golf Digest Tiger-inspired "10-Handicapper Couldn't Break 100" competition. That was fun and everything but tended to drag at times. It turns out it is not super-fun to watch a whole round of a 8-handicap you don't know get destroyed by a US Open Course. In hindsight, I guess I should have seen that coming. Even when your smug buddy with a 6-Handicap and a superiority complex blows up, it's funny ... but only for a couple of holes (I realize NBC did see that coming by adding the celebrities). In this case, you really plunk the contestant into the middle of Sunday afternoon.


There would be no difficulty finding a sponsor or sponsors (clubs, balls, insurance, car etc.)

Now before you get all red in the face there Judge Smails, let's not try to pretend big-time pro-golf is not a commercial endeavor. I'm not saying do it at Amen Corner on Sunday or the US Open, I'm just saying maybe a couple of non-Major events could squeeze this little promotion in around 4:30pm on Sunday on the back ninc. Just slide the contestant in for a shot (or the whole hole depending on the promotion). It would take maybe 5-7 minutes. It has to be more entertaining than the college football Dr. Pepper halftime scholarship pop-a-shot-with-footballs competition: Hey Dr Pepper: they are not even throwing the football like a football! At least this would require a golf swing (alas, no anchoring).


Are you saying you wouldn't watch?


Douglas Han