The Roundup

Player of The Year (No D'Huh)

No big surprise as Rory McIlroy was voted by his peers as PGA Tour Player of the Year. John Huh was voted PGA Rookie of the Year. Unusual among pro-golfers, Huh was born in New York City. Huh also provides some great headline possibilities if and when he wins a big event: "What? Huh!" or "He-Huh!" or "Huh-mungous Win". Okay, maybe not as easy as it appears.


Q-School - the End

Sad so see the end of the drama that is Q-School as the Tour changes the rules so that it becomes a way onto the Tour. Among the more notable names who did not get their cards in Q-School this weekend was Camillo Villegas. This guy won back to back FedEx playoff events only 4 years ago. Other notables failing to get their cards: Heath Slocum, Danny Lee and Vaughn Taylor. 


More on the Long Putter

Well, Mike Purkey of GlobalGolfPost pretty much nails it - the problem with the long putter is that it looks bad. He also raises an interesting point as to what the governing bodies will do if someone wins a major using a long-putter side-saddle. Purkey notes that Dave Pelz says this is the most effective way to putt. Have you noticed Pelz is always referred to as the short game "guru" -- it may be true but think of him as the guy always out of breath.


Watson Against Golf in the Olympics

Tom Watson says golf does not belong in the Olympics in an AP story. Watson is quoted as saying, "I still think of Olympics as track and field and not golf, to be honest with you. I don't want to pour cold water on it, but I don't think it should be in the Olympic Games."

TheTeeSheet will consider this further shortly.


Ricky Fowler and a Small Lesson in Movie History

For those of you who didn't see this video (I did notice it for first time on GlobalGolfPost's PostScript page), Ricky Fowler brings the kind of youth and younger demographic to golf which is good. A cool video but fair to say Ricky may have had the least strenuous role aside from the guy just getting on the helicopter. Is it just me or should they have had Fowler smoking a driver into a target as part of the chain-reaction? Anyway, this is clearly a slightly different marketing demographic than Jim Furyk's 5-Hour Energy although the products themselves are porbably not that different. 


It has to be noted that these kind of videos definitley lose something by the constant cuts - you'd think they would know that it's the single (or as few as possible) tracking shot which make these videos impressive.


Of coure, anytime a single tracking shot is mentioned, one can't help but think of the greatest single shot of all time (and a cool description here and yet to me as a movie fan, there is one other scene that, had it been done with a single steady cam tracking shot, could have ranked up there with the Goodfellas scene):


Douglas Han