Updated Long Putter Resource Page

TheTeeSheet's Long Putter Resource page has been updated again today. The highlight has to be Johnny Miller on the phone with the GolfChannel referencing various topics from bearing children, Tiger and the yips & drinking. Here's just a taste:


"but it's not going to make a difference [to] Webb Simpson. If he works at it or Keegan, they are going to putt just fine. They don't have the yips. Tiger Woods has no clue what the yips are about. It's like me telling someone what it's like to be pregnant and bear a baby. He has no clue okay? It's not a nice thing but y'know that's sports ... if you lose your nerve, you're out. It's fine with me ...  I just think that amateurs should be able to use [the long putter] also, with the handicap system, once they hit 50. At least that would be a bridge anyway. Because there's a lot of guys that have, yknow, the Orville Moody crazy chipping yips and putting yips. It's a shame because it's no fault of theirs. You can get drunk every night and maybe not have the yips or can be like me and never have a drink in your life and I got the yips. There was was only 3 and a half years of my whole career that I didn't have the yips. An so, y'know, it just one of those things that's just like bad luck. Some guys deserve to get the yips and never do."


So relax and peruse with a fresh home-made Arnold Palmer. In the words of Johnny himself: Great stuff.


Douglas Han