The Roundup

This Could be a Long Fight

It looks like the battle about the long putter is about to heat up even more. Paul Azinger has chimed in and raises some decent points in favour of the long putter. While Azinger's logic may be sound, the biggest problem with the long putter it that it just plain looks bad. Almost this bad.


Consecutive Holes in One!

Two guys hit consecutive holes in one in Australia where at the Lakes Course where the Autralian Open start in a couple weeks. The article quotes something called the National Hole in One Registry in stating that the odds of this happening are one in 17 million. Who comes up with these odds? I never believe them because surely the odds depend on the players, weather, hole placement etc. I mean these odds must be based on a bunch of assumptions and averageing. The odds for any particular situaiton depens on the players, the wind, the hole, the pin placement and the amount of beer consumed before they got to the 9th hole. The fact both these guys used 7 irons from 136 yards might suggest the odds may have been abit longer.


This does remind me of a corporate tournament I was in (during the final round of the Tiger-Rocco playoff Monday I recall) in which a guy in the group behind my group holed out from the tee ... except I think it was a mulligan. Him and his group went nuts like they won the prize (it was a 2 year lease of a Cadillac if I recall - only a big deal if you haven't ridden in a Cadillac hundred ... no thousands of times). I never found out what happened.


Can we stop this playoffs talk

Rory has the Race to Dubai wrapped up and there is some chatter about tweaking the system to make it more exciting coming in to the last tournament on the Euro tour. Can we all just please give up on the idea that it is possible to make an exciting playoff type system in golf by somehow trying to make meaning of a string of 4-round stroke play tournaments. It is not possible. However, it could be possible to create a whole new playoff approach which we'll explore soon.


Douglas Han