The Butler Didn't Do It

One imagines that the membership at Butler National Golf Club actually look like the butler Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey. They might not be as enlightened.


In any event, this private course outside of Chicago just voted to remain a men-only. Now I am fine with private clubs doing whatever they please - even the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto (the only club in North America which allows only women members).


What is more interesting is that word got out that the membership actually voted (!) on the issue. There may be only one thing more embarassing than being behind the times - that would be the revelation that consciously voted this way. The genius behind Augusta Nationalall these years was that it always gave the impression that its no-women members stance was the makings of its hard-line leader of the time (and that it was never even really a rule!) Although it made that chairman of the day a target (the name Hootie probably didn't help), it kinda relieved some of the pressure from the membership. Augusta members didn't have to come home and have the wife asking while tapping her foot, "So ... which way did you vote?" Augusta members could simply say, "Honey, I tried to talk some sense into Hootie, but you know that lovable old coot ...." Anyway, we all know even Augusta has come around.


Butler National GC members now appear to be on the record for voting for this rule. The article suggests it was not even a close vote. If the Butler leadership knew this, why would they ever let it get to a vote and suffer a PR hit like this? The only explanation could be that a clever member in favor of female membership encouraged the vote to try to start the process of shaming the rest of the club.


Butler can do what it wants but it seems to me they are slow to grasp the realities of today (never mind the future). They are reported to be in financially precarious position. Anyway, ladies are the way to go for any club: they play fast and dress better. More importantly, ladies are where the money is.


Douglas Han


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