Less Than a Venti

The New York Times is reporting that a celebrity endorsed product may be dangerous for your health. No, not the apparent abomination of Guy Fieri's latest enterprise in Times Square - which could make Pete Wells the Johnny Miller of retuaruant reviews.


No, the Times is reporting that 5-Hour Energy has been cited in reports of the FDA which were linked to 13 deaths over the past 4 years. 


I admit there is a certain deliciousness to a sponsor potentially bringing disrepute on the celebrity sponsor after Lance, Tiger and Michael Vick. That said, I'm surely we can we all cut Furyk a break here? He'e having a tough year as it coughing up the US Open, blowing the Firestone on the 18th hole, and then the disaster of the Ryder Cup. I say poor Jim needs a break. Surely we all like this guy. What's not to like? A grinder with a homemade swing and a great career to date. The backwards hat in the rain was a clincher last year. He'd ba a model player except for that excrutiating pre-shot routine before putts.


Now, as far as I can tell, even the Extra Strength version of the little 5-Hour Energy bottles has less caffeine than a Venti from Starbucks. Unless there is some other nefarious ingredient (there doesn't appear to be any), it is only because you could down a bunch of those faster than a bunch of Venti coffees - which would be impossible without endangering your bladder and getting a serious case of furry-tongue.


In any event Jim, don't worry about it and keep on keeping on.


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